Cara & Azlynn: A Beautiful Bond

There’s something about images of a mother with her child that captivates me. I can’t quite put it into words. Catching that bond, that deep and unending love, on camera is a part of this career that I’m truly thankful to be able to experience. I found myself praying for this beautiful mama and her sweet little girl as I sat editing their photos tonight. Praying that, through the years, their bond would only strengthen and the joyful laughter I encountered during their session would be a part of every day that they spend together. I’ve had the privilege of watching little Azlynn go from baby to toddler to kindergartener and one thing that’s never changed is the way her amazing smile lights up the room. Her joy is contagious and I can’t wait to watch her future unfold. I hope these images are a blessing to these pretty ladies, and a reminder of the precious moments they’ve shared. IMG_1937B&Wlogo IMG_1945logo IMG_1985B&Wlogo IMG_1996B&Wlogo IMG_2032B&Wlogo IMG_2063logo

***All Images are Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***


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