DQ Promotional Session: The Sweet Life

This was so fun!!!

I was asked by some friends, who own a nearby Dairy Queen, to do a photo shoot involving a bunch of cute kiddos eating yummy DQ food to create a display for the store. Few things say childhood like a little one covered in ice cream! I couldn’t wait!

A couple of the kids took their time, savoring their french fries, hot dogs or ice cream. One or two, born entertainers, stopped to pose with their lunch. Most everyone else dove in and gave me little time to capture it all. It was a crazy, giggly, messy session and I loved every minute of it!

It made me so happy to be able to help out Mike and Stephanie by taking these photos for their store. I can honestly say they are two of the most generous and kind people I’ve ever met! As business owners, and as members of the community, they spend so much time giving back and showing others God’s love. They’ve been such an inspiration! So, next time you’re craving a treat (if you’re anything like me, this happens all the time), head over to Dairy Queen on Century Ave. in Maplewood and check out more photos of these sweet kids while you’re there 😉

IMG_5447logo IMG_5432logo IMG_5438B&Wlogo IMG_5446logo IMG_5460logo IMG_5430logo IMG_5561B&Wlogo IMG_5568logo IMG_5554logo IMG_5542B&Wlogo

***All Images are Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***


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