The Cashman Family: A Haven

Sometimes it’s hard to put it into words. The comfort in knowing that, on the truly cold days, there’s warmth to come home to. When the world outside is harsh and unforgiving, family is a haven. A blessing that, if I’m honest, I sometimes take for granted. Thankfully, God reminds me of this gift every time I do my job. Behind the camera, so much goes through my mind. The day I spent with this family, all I could think of was how simple and true this family’s acceptance and compassion was for one another. From mom and dad’s patience and understanding to big brother’s helping hand down the stairs, there were so many little moments during this session that made up a bigger picture of what it means to be family. To love in the moment, for better or for worse.

Winter can often make it hard for me to be positive. But, through this career, God uses simple moments to change my perspective and, ultimately, change my heart.


*** All Images Copyright of Amy Felix Photography ***



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