The Jenness Family: True Joy

Admittedly, I use the word joy a lot. God’s blessed with me with so much that brings me joy, including this career, that it’s hard not to. But I don’t want to cheapen this word by giving the impression that joy is the same as happiness. All of the families I’ve photographed are happy. At least, that’s what comes across in their photos…most of the time ūüėČ From personal experience, however, I know that joy is deeper than happiness. Joy is richer. Joy is worked for and chosen. Joy is not circumstantial. Joy happens in spite of our circumstances, when we dig deeper and look for the blessings, even when life is hard. Joy is not always easy to see on the surface of family life.

This family’s joy was visibly true. Tested by¬†trials that I personally know¬†brings depth to the love family members have for one another, this family’s interactions lived their joy right out loud. These kids are so sweetly beautiful and their parents led them through our time together with such gentle guidance and grace…Sweet curls, wild flowers, dirty little feet, and spinning laughter made this experience one that reminded me of life’s true¬†joys and the simple truth that,¬†though life can be hard, love makes it worthwhile.


***All Images are Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***


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