Candid Motherhood

I spent my entire weekend doing Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions. There’s something I need to say to all of you moms; something I want you to hear with your heart, not just your head: You are a gift to your children.

In all honesty, a good portion of photography is about faking it. When the camera comes out, moms (both in front of the lens and behind it) tend to be pretty darn good at putting on a happy face regardless of the kind of day we’ve had. I tend to have to coax genuine smiles out of you by letting you know that I’m on to you…that I know the reality of the craziness that happens in trying to get the kids cleaned and dressed and out the door in time for pictures. I get it. I’ve been there. But the one thing, without fail, that’s never fake and always beautiful without effort is your love for your babies.

Motherhood is messy and stressful and heartbreaking and overwhelming, sometimes all at once. It’s the hardest “job” of all time and yet, by far, the most rewarding. You all do it so differently, yet you all question whether you’re doing it right. So much of the time, in my conversations with you, you’re struggling with whether you’re strong enough, smart enough, strict enough, or kind enough. You all worry that, in some way, you’re screwing it up. You’re all connected by your concern over being all that you need to be for those little people looking up to you.

As the one you’ve trusted to capture your memories on camera, let me tell you, candidly, what I really see when I watch you with your children…


The deep, unending, passionate, dedicated, never-give-up-no-matter-what kind of love that every single one of your children desperately need. The one thing that lets them know that they have a place in this world. The thing that they keep coming back to when life gets tough. Whether the day has been a great one, or a complete and total disaster, you always strive to give them your best and you hold in your heart something for your children that is perfect and irreplaceable. You love them with a depth that is beyond words. A love that is more than enough. The rest is just details.

My prayer for you is that you would know in your heart that, though it’s impossible to be a perfect mother, you are the perfect mother for your child. God gave you those children because, with His help, you are exactly what they need. You are enough. Give yourself some grace and know…you are a gift ❤


***All Images are Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***


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