The Andersons: Fall Family Session

I always enjoy working with this sweet family. They’re so fun, and the Fall colors emerged just in time for their session…such a beautiful day!


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The Kolb Family: Bringing Home #4

Not only does this couple make REALLY cute babies, but they’re raising those babies to be kind, respectful, amazing people! I love it!!! I was so honored to come back again this year and capture their memories on camera as they welcomed baby #4 into the family. I may be biased, having four babies myself, but I think four is an awesome number and can’t wait to watch the adventure (and sometimes chaos) unfold 🙂


***All Images Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***

Capturing Generations

I’ve been photographing this family for a lot of years. I’ve watched their babies grow into toddlers who grew into big kids and, all along the way, I’ve been in awe of how they’ve been raising the next generation with faith, encouragement, laughter, and kindness. They are such a genuine, sweet family and I’ve adored watching them grow. They are each so unique and yet all have so many wonderful traits in common. This session was filled with the usual silliness and joy that I’ve grown to love. I’m already excited for next time!


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Brian is 3!

It’s hard to believe this little superhero is 3! I had so much fun watching him run around the park in his little cape, ready to conquer the world. He wasn’t too excited about the idea of pictures at first but that was nothing a few snuggles from mom and fart noises from dad couldn’t fix 😉


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Mullins Extended Family Session

This beautiful family and I managed to sneak in a few shots by the lake while the local police department conducted K9 training in the water next to us. This job is always an adventure 😉

I loved how this group laughed and loved on each other during our time together. Grandma & Grandpa were so proud of those adorable kiddos!


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The McAvaneys: Boys Will Be Boys

I can’t say enough good things about this family! In all the years I’ve been taking their photos, I’ve never had a session with them that I didn’t love. This strong mama and her guys…they’re so photogenic, it’s hard to go wrong. Even with a little attitude from time to time 😉 The outtakes from this session had me laughing out loud while I was editing. Thanks for the laughs, guys! Can’t wait till next time!


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Father’s Day Mini Session

Every Father’s Day I can’t help but think about how greatly most dads underestimate themselves and the impact that they have on the lives of their children. I couldn’t help but think about that during this session. As I watched this dad love on his kids, I wondered if he had any idea how priceless those moments were to his children. How much they adore him. How much it feeds their souls to know that he adores them too. I loved watching them together and really loved being able to capture their time together on camera, to look back on for years to come.


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The Bowers Family: Intimidatingly Awesome

When this Mama asked me to take her family’s photos, I was a bit intimidated. (Okay, who am I kidding? I freaked out a little 😉 ) Along with being someone I deeply admire for her service on many mission trips to orphanages in Haiti and her successful photography business, she’s just an all-around wonderful person. Always full of energy, she’s so fun to work with and has definitely passed those genes down to her girls. Their laughter is contagious! The whole family was just so sweet and down-to-earth. My concerns about the experience melted away a few minutes in as I remembered what an awesome privilege it is to do this job and chose to simply enjoy the ride.


***All Images Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***