Kaitlyn Is Here!!!

Kaitlyn’s strong, beautiful Mama delivered her at home in a planned water birth. (So brave!) This sweet little princess was welcomed into such an awesome family…two older brothers and two amazing parents, whose deep faith and passionate love for one another are a breath of fresh air! Miss Kaitlyn is one blessed little lady and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her ❤


***All Images Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***


The Kolb Family: Bringing Home #4

Not only does this couple make REALLY cute babies, but they’re raising those babies to be kind, respectful, amazing people! I love it!!! I was so honored to come back again this year and capture their memories on camera as they welcomed baby #4 into the family. I may be biased, having four babies myself, but I think four is an awesome number and can’t wait to watch the adventure (and sometimes chaos) unfold 🙂


***All Images Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***

Baby Jacen: Magical First Moments

There’s nothing quite like the experience of bringing home your first child. Every moment feels magic, regardless of how exhausted you are. You can spend hours just staring at their little features, snuggling them close and breathing in that new baby smell. Life feels complete and, for the first time, you truly know the reality of how fleeting our moments on earth really are. They grow and change right before your eyes in a matter of days. Life will never be the same. You will never be the same.

What a privilege it is to witness those moments with so many wonderful families! This new little family was no exception. To capture the pure joy in mama’s eyes and the beaming pride on daddy’s face was such a sweet experience. And who could resist throwing their adorable puppy in the mix?! Congrats to Joe & Melyssa on their sweet baby boy!


***All Images are Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***

Welcome Home, Baby Silas!

When we brought our youngest child home from the hospital, life was complete chaos for several weeks. To be honest…most days, it still is. But there’s something about that craziness that’s comforting. Juggling a newborn in one arm and a toddler in the other, while counseling my older two through the latest drama, I’d stop myself to breathe it all in. Because, one day, they’ll be gone. They already grow and change so fast I can hardly keep up. As much as the tantrums and the messes may stress me out some days, they’re evidence that I have the one “job” I’ve always dreamed of. And, if I never held another title, I’d be ok with that.

Each of my babies has changed me in different ways. With each child, I’ve found myself relaxing more into the role God has called me to and giving up the struggle to compete with other moms. The more time I spent worrying if I was good enough, the less time I was spending on what really matters. So, when I was doing this session and Stephanie asked me, “How you do this with four kids?” the first thing that came to mind is that I don’t. Not on my own anyway. I just do my best to love on them and to weather the storms. From a spilled bowl of Cheerios to a gut-wrenching medical diagnosis, all I know to do is lean into God’s unchanging strength and grace. To rely on The One who created my children to show me how to raise them.

Watching this family welcome baby Silas into the chaos was a sweetly familiar experience that reminded me that all of us parents are just doing our best. Scott and Stephanie, in the midst of all of their changes and challenges, are doing wonderfully with these beautiful children and I hope that when they look at these photos, they’ll find staring back at them a reminder that their love and His grace is more than enough.

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***All Images are Copyright of Amy Felix Photography***