The McAvaneys: Boys Will Be Boys

I can’t say enough good things about this family! In all the years I’ve been taking their photos, I’ve never had a session with them that I didn’t love. This strong mama and her guys…they’re so photogenic, it’s hard to go wrong. Even with a little attitude from time to time ūüėČ The outtakes from this session had me laughing out loud while¬†I was editing. Thanks for the laughs, guys! Can’t wait till next time!


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Cara & Matt: An Engagement Session

These two…The moment I first saw them together, I knew I’d be taking their engagement photos one day. I’ve known Cara for a long time, but¬†have never seen¬†her quite as happy as she has been since Matt came along.¬†Together with Cara’s beautiful daughter Azlynn, they focus on the positive as a family and choose to live every moment in life for the adventure that it is. I loved being a part of this sweet celebration, capturing their playfulness and laughter. I wish them the very best on their next¬†big adventure!


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Father’s Day Mini Session

Every Father’s Day I can’t help but think about how greatly most dads underestimate themselves and the impact that they have on the lives of their children. I couldn’t help but think about that during this session. As I watched this dad love on his kids, I wondered if he had any idea how priceless those moments were to his children. How much they adore him. How much it feeds their souls to know that he adores them too. I loved watching them together and really loved being able to capture their time together on camera, to look back on for years to come.


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The Bowers Family: Intimidatingly Awesome

When this Mama asked me to take her family’s photos, I was a bit intimidated. (Okay, who am I kidding? I freaked out a little ūüėČ ) Along with being someone I deeply admire for her service on many mission trips to orphanages in Haiti and her successful photography business, she’s just an all-around wonderful person. Always full of energy, she’s so fun to work with and has definitely passed those genes down to her girls. Their laughter is contagious! The whole family was just so sweet and down-to-earth. My concerns about the experience melted away a few minutes in as I remembered¬†what an awesome privilege it is to do this job and chose to simply enjoy the ride.


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Candid Motherhood

I spent my entire weekend doing¬†Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions. There’s something I need to say to all of you moms; something I want you to hear with your heart, not just your head: You are a gift to your children.

In all honesty, a good portion of photography¬†is about faking it. When the camera comes out, moms (both in front of the lens and behind it) tend to be pretty darn good at putting on a happy face regardless of the kind of day we’ve had. I tend to have to coax genuine smiles out of you¬†by letting you know that I’m on to you…that I know the reality of the craziness that happens in trying to get the kids cleaned and dressed and out the door in time for pictures. I get it. I’ve been there. But the one thing, without fail, that’s never fake and always beautiful without effort is your love for your babies.

Motherhood is messy and stressful and heartbreaking and overwhelming, sometimes all at once. It’s the hardest “job” of all time and yet, by far, the most rewarding. You all do it so differently, yet you all question whether you’re doing it right. So much of the time, in my conversations with you, you’re struggling with whether you’re strong enough, smart enough, strict enough, or kind enough. You all worry that, in some way, you’re screwing it up. You’re all connected by your concern over being all that you need to be for those little people looking up to you.

As the one you’ve trusted to capture your memories on camera, let me tell you, candidly, what I really see when I watch you with your children…


The deep, unending, passionate, dedicated, never-give-up-no-matter-what kind of love that every single one of your children desperately need. The one thing that lets them know that they have a place in this world. The thing that they keep coming back to when life gets tough. Whether the day has been a great one, or a complete and total disaster, you always strive to give them your best and you hold in your heart something for your children that is perfect and irreplaceable. You love them with a depth that is beyond words. A love that is more than enough. The rest is just details.

My prayer for you is that you would know in your heart that, though it’s impossible to be a perfect mother, you are the perfect mother for your child. God gave you those children because, with His help, you are exactly what they need. You are enough. Give yourself some grace and know…you are a gift ‚̧


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Tiffany’s Crew: A Mommy & Me Session

This quick and quirky session was SO much fun! These kids, and their beautiful Mama, are bursting with personality…which makes my job feel even less like a job and more like an adventure ūüėČ I have so much admiration for this hard-working, fun-loving family. It was a blessing to have been asked to capture their laughter and love on camera…


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The Jenness Family: True Joy

Admittedly, I use the word joy a lot. God’s blessed with me with so much that brings me joy, including this career, that it’s hard not to. But I don’t want to cheapen this word by giving the impression that joy is the same as happiness. All of the families I’ve photographed are happy. At least, that’s what comes across in their photos…most of the time ūüėČ From personal experience, however, I know that joy is deeper than happiness. Joy is richer. Joy is worked for and chosen. Joy is not circumstantial. Joy happens in spite of our circumstances, when we dig deeper and look for the blessings, even when life is hard. Joy is not always easy to see on the surface of family life.

This family’s joy was visibly true. Tested by¬†trials that I personally know¬†brings depth to the love family members have for one another, this family’s interactions lived their joy right out loud. These kids are so sweetly beautiful and their parents led them through our time together with such gentle guidance and grace…Sweet curls, wild flowers, dirty little feet, and spinning laughter made this experience one that reminded me of life’s true¬†joys and the simple truth that,¬†though life can be hard, love makes it worthwhile.


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Andrew & Madison: An Unforgettable Bond

You wouldn’t know they’re twins just by looking at them. Those adorable smiles are as different and unique from each other as their personalities are. But, once you get to¬†know them, the bond is undeniable. Unspoken. Unforgettable.

As I watch them interact, their concern for one another…the way she naturally grabs his hand to make sure that wherever she goes, he goes…how he looks at her in a way he doesn’t look at anyone else…I stand in awe at the depth of their closeness and am reminded of verses 13-16 of Psalm 139:

For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
    when I was made in the secret place,
    when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
    all the days ordained for me were written in your book
¬†¬†¬†¬†before one of them came to be.”

Madison and Andrew were knit together…together. Formed together. Written in God’s book as a part of a story that intertwines, paths forever crossed. What a beautiful and precious bond! My prayer is that these two one day understand the amazing story that they’re a part of. The immense love that was poured out in their creation. The gift that they are to each other and to the family that they’re a part of. How blessed I am to be a part of that family!


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The Cashman Family: A Haven

Sometimes it’s hard to put it into words. The comfort¬†in knowing that, on the truly cold days, there’s warmth to come home to. When the world outside is harsh and unforgiving, family is a haven. A blessing that, if I’m honest, I sometimes take for granted. Thankfully, God reminds me of this gift every time I do my job. Behind the camera, so much goes through my mind. The day I spent with this family, all I could think of was how simple and true this family’s acceptance and compassion was for one another. From mom and dad’s patience and understanding to big brother’s helping hand down the stairs, there were so many little moments during this session that made up a bigger picture of what it means to be family. To love in the moment, for better or for worse.

Winter can often make it hard for me to be positive. But, through this career, God uses simple moments to change my perspective and, ultimately, change my heart.


*** All Images Copyright of Amy Felix Photography ***